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OGT's Engine Bearing Inspection Systems

EBIS™ Brochure(PDF format)

U.S. Pat. No. 6,661,506; Patent Pending in other countries.

OGT's Engine Bearing Inspection System (EBIS™) inspection engine bearings automatically as the bearings are produced. The system is capable of detecting the ID (lining) surfaces for surface anamalies as small as 0.06 mm x 0.06 mm (0.0025 in x 0.0025 in). The system only requires the part to stay at a specified location with a 0.2-mm alignment accuracy for 0.3 seconds. No additional part handling is necessary. Currently, the system is capable of supporting a throughput of 80 parts per minute.

In addition surface quality, EBIS also detect feature existence and the locations of the features.

Currently the EBIS series can accommodate bearing with ID diameters ranging from 40 mm to 120 mm. The width must be less than 35 mm.

The ID inspection on engine bearings is deemed very challenging because of difficult lighting issues associated with the specular cylindrical surfaces and the demanding throughput.

The EBIS™ series is a demonstration of OGT's engineering capability in delivering inspection systems to those with special technial difficulties.

The images below are samples taken by OGT's EBIS. Click on the image to get a full scale copy.

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